Benefits of Studying Medicine in Philippines

Philippines: A great hub for medical education.

Philippines is an island nation in south EastAsia with a population of about 100 million people. Philippines is considered to be a rapidly developing nation, which has been transitioning from an agriculture based economy to a more services and manufacturing based one. Consequently their education system has seen tremendous progress. From aerospace to food technology, there is some serious research work going on in every field. Philippines stands out especially for its medical education. The country boasts many greats in the field of medicine like Fe del Mundo, a pediatrician whose pioneering work in pediatrics as an active medical practice spanned 8 decades and also Paulo Campos, a physician who was dubbed as "The Father of Nuclear Medicine in the Philippines" for his contributions in the field of nuclear medicine.

So if you are an international student and wondering where to invest your valuable time and money to get that MD degree, here’s why you should choose Philippines.

1) English: The medium of instruction.

The official languages in Philippines are English and Filipino .The medium of instruction for all education is English. This helps the international students cross a major barrier in studying outside their own country, which is the language barrier. English as a second language (ESL) coaching is also given to many and students are exposed to not just classroom coaching but also get an outside and more practical exposure to learning English, as a whopping 94% of Filipinos speak English.Philippines has the highest Englishliteracy rate in Asia and is the world’s 3rd largestEnglish speaking country.

2) Cost: It’s cheap.

A major factor that attracts many international students to study in Philippines is the affordability. The cost of medical education here is much less than in countries like USA, Russia and India. The accommodation and living expenses are minimal and there is excellent and state of the art boarding facility available. Travel costs are also minimal.

3) Environment& Culture.

Education is not just about books and laboratories. It is also about how the campus grooms you and how the culture of a particular place enhances you. Philippines is the cultural center of the south east. People are known for their friendly nature and hospitality. Philippines has a typical tropical marine climate and no extreme weather patterns.

4) The educational system.

Philippines was a colony of the US for 50 years, as such the education system here is in line with theirs and follows an integrated problem based learning approach. Thus students have the option of transferring their credits to US and can continue further education there. The primary medical degree awarded here is MD (Doctor of Medicine). This is equivalent to MBBS in India. The world health organization (WHO) has recognized many colleges in Philippines for their quality education.

5) The statistics: Numbers don’t lie.

One out of every ten doctors practicing in USA have studied in Philippines. Philippines exports maximum number of nurses to other countries.Philippines produces over 3, 00,000 medical graduates each year. A number of medical colleges in Philippines are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

For all these reasons and many more, Philippines can be a great educational destination in your medical journey.

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